Platform Product Manager

Location: Bangalore Experience: 6+ Yrs


Mandatory Skills

  • You have strong organizational and analytical skills with excellent communication.
  • You possess strong interpersonal skills and are comfortable leading without authority.
  • You are a highly energetic and process driven individual.
  • You are interested and excited about the societal platform thinking.
  • You have keenness and experience of working on government projects.
  • You have a good understanding of prevailing and modern technologies.
  • You have 6+ years of relevant work experience in Product Management or related field.
  • You have the ability to inspire the team for a new way of platform thinking.

Roles & Responsibilities

This is a “change at scale” role with the responsibility of designing & building a National PFM Stack as public digital good and building an open digital ecosystem for enabling a national scale implementation in government bodies in states and center

The Challenge and the Mission

A simple task of movement of money from one level of government to the final expenditure entity can be a lengthy process in India. The process results in significant delays in funds reaching the last mile; uncertainty for intended recipients; administrative burden for front line managers; poor quality of audit and large amounts of unutilized funds. By one estimate, at any given time there is an unspent balance of approximately Rs. 1 lakh crore parked in various bank accounts across the administrative system.
The Public Finance Management Mission aims to improve the financial health of the Government, adapt to dynamic and evolving needs, ensure a functioning and responsive service delivery system by deploying available funds in ways that creates and strengthens the enabling environment for businesses and individuals to prosper and stay healthy. This will be done by creating an Open Digital Platform for public finance management.


The platform product manager has to shift the core from product to “Platform first”. S/he will be responsible for communicating and leading all the stakeholders to the platform first thinking from solution based thinking.

  • Platform strategy and understanding big picture: The platform product manager will be responsible for setting the platform vision and strategy. S/he will build the platform road maps and will prioritize building what matters most to achieve the strategic goals and initiatives beyond the product in the platform.
  • Managing platform and product releases: The platform product manager will align product releases to the needs of the stakeholders. S/he will define the timeline of release and implementation of the product. The platform product manager is responsible for coordinating all of the activities and bridging gaps between different functions within the company and aligning all of the teams involved. S/he should follow a decision framework to guide the individual product’s release on open source, private or public level.
  • Platform ideation and innovation: The platform product manager will be a bridge between engineers, designers and stakeholders. S/he will oversee the creative process of ideating on the product or innovative additions on the existing product.
    S/he will ensure that feedback and requests are integrated into the product planning and development. S/he will ensure that the product is constantly growing to suit the stakeholder’s needs. A platform product manager has to check the micro services support structure i.e., the nuances of  system architecture in order to understand the DB table(s) and what is exposed to the service.
  • Working with partners and stakeholders: The platform product manager will work with multiple teams including engineering, design, implementation, marketing, sales, and other functions. S/he will be responsible for maintaining harmony between the teams to deliver best results.
  • Empowering ecosystem partners: The platform product will have to coordinate with different ecosystem partners and their mid-tier developers, producers and partners for delivering optimal values and rich experience to end users. S/he will have to empower all the ecosystem partners towards achieving a holistic platform.
  • Identifying Opportunities: The platform product manager is responsible for identifying opportunities that lead to the growth of the product through innovation while still maintaining the fundamental priorities of the PFM mission.

About the Project

Founded by Nandan Nilekani (founder Infosys) and Srikanth Nadhamuni (ex CTO Aadhaar) with the mission to "Transform Governance at a massive Scale & Speed". They are funded by Nandan Nilekani, Sir Ratan Tata Trusts and Omidyar Network. At a very fundamental level, we are like a Digital Operating System for the cities across India; Our open source stack enables digitization of services, automation of processes, and drives revenue collection by putting robust digital applications in areas like property tax, water charges, trade licenses etc. And most importantly we empower citizens by providing them access to more than 60 services through multiple channels like mobile, web etc. We currently operate in 1500+ towns and cities across India. The platform enables ~ 75 lakh transactions per year and has benefited more than 11 Crore people.
We offer several things that sets us apart from other opportunities:

  • The possibility of having massive societal impact. Our software touches the lives of hundreds of millions of people.
  • Solving hard governance and societal challenges.
  • Work directly with central and state government leaders and other dignitaries.
  • Mentorship from world class people and rich ecosystems.